Our Story



Established in 2014,

FIFO was brought to the UK after a very successful run in the USA. Our founder travelled the country to establish a large gap in the convenience market for mobile phone accessories at the time. Once the opportunity arose he moved his family to England and set up the first FIFO office in Birmingham, UK. The first few months were spent finding a warehouse, getting stock in from our Factory in China and a lot of driving between convenience stores and petrol stations offering our program. 

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Customer map 2016.png

Early in  2016

FIFO UK attended its first trade show in the United Kingdom, where we met some of our lovely clients, which we are happy to continue to work with to this day! We have significantly increased our customer base, thereby it was time for more staff members to join our team! We had more admin, warehouse and on-the-road representatives join the company setting the base for one great team. 

Late   2018

was another pivotal moment for our company, when we doubled our team on the road and went from 5 Territory managers to 12! We invested in their training and started seeing the benefits of customer-led, personal-touch service. Our customers were happier, their revenue continues to increase due to our tailored sales services. Our Christmas parties became bigger and better!  


Fast forward to 2022

despite very challenging few years (due to a Global Pandemic) we continue to grow our customer base, stay innovative and deliver the promise we make to each new client. In 2021 we started the Friends of FIFO campaign where we carefully select partner brands to introduce to you and offer exclusive margin rates. There are plenty of exciting new product lines and displays we're getting ready for you! Keep your eyes peeled!