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By buying from iLead Mobile Ltd, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Please note that for sites in hard to reach areas, such as sites in locations that our main courier does not cover under their normal domestic service, on islands outside the UK or in different countries, we may not be able to offer our full range of services and will aim to work with stores in these locations to provide the best remote service we can. 



The Display refers to the FIFO branded Display Units that iLead Mobile Ltd. provides to customers. The display itself does not cost customers anything and therefore remains the property of iLead Mobile Ltd. By accepting the display in store, customers agree to place only products supplied or approved by iLead Mobile Ltd. We reserve the right to remove any unapproved products from the FIFO Displays.



Occasionally we offer Risk Free Trial Periods to new customers as a way for them to test how our programme works in their store. Our typical trial period is 30 days. All stock is delivered to sites with an invoice for the purpose of stock management.  For customers who receive a 30 day trial, the first invoice they receive will be dated 45 days in the future. Forward dating the first invoice by 45 days allows a full 30 day trial period, and a grace period to give customers time to have full 30 day trial and then make a decision about the program without the risk of accidentally being charged prematurely.   

A representative from iLead Mobile Ltd will attempt to contact customers who are given a trial at the end of their trial period to confirm whether they want to continue with the FIFO Programme.

If trial customers decide not to continue with the FIFO Programme, a representative of the company will come and uplift the display. The original invoice will then be reversed, and the trial customer will be given a new invoice that will only include items that have been sold.

If FIFO representatives are unable to contact trial customers, and we are not contacted within the 45 day period, the trial period will expire and the stock will become chargeable. Customers who are happy to continue with the FIFO Programme will be charged for their initial invoice as per their terms at the end of their trial, and will continue to reap the benefits of being a FIFO customer.



After any trial or promotional period all products are purchased on a Sale or Exchange Basis.  This ensures that our customers are never left with large amounts of slower-selling product.  Any FIFO SKU can be exchanged for better performing lines of the same cost price, during any merchandiser visit.



iLead Mobile Ltd maintains a programme of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to amend specifications and prices without prior notice. 

Similarly, iLead Mobile Ltd reserves the right to withdraw products from its range without prior notice. Advertisements, catalogues and other written material are only intended to present a general indication of products referred to therein and in no part shall be binding on iLead Mobile Ltd. Please note colours or styles of items may differ from those shown on promotional material.



Unless otherwise stated, iLead Mobile offers customers a limited lifetime guarantee. The guarantee on these items covers manufacturing defects that prevent the product from operating as intended. The limited lifetime guarantee can be voided in the event of deliberate or careless damage to the goods. This includes, but is not limited to: 

a) Physical damage and/or misuse or abuse, liquid damage, repairs and/or product modifications and alterations that have been executed by unauthorised third parties. 

b) Modifying the exterior of the device by gluing, pasting or sticking anything on the device can void the warranty providing said modifications impact the interior mechanics of the device.

c) Failing to properly follow the installation process and instructions for use, or using products or accessories that aren’t compatible with your device or that don‘t match FIFO’s quality and safety standards- such as FIFO accessories being used in conjunction with inferior accessories.



 Site’s customers wishing to return products with manufacturing defects may do so at any store that carries the FIFO Brand for an even exchange. Defective products should be kept and returned to us. It is the site’s responsibility to ensure that returned products are those that have been sold by FIFO UK and are not from other manufacturers. If that store doesn’t have the product that the site’s customer is looking for then FIFO can be contacted directly at via the contact details listed on the upper-right of this page.

 If a refund is required, the site’s customer should return the product to the site they purchased it from with a valid proof of purchase, to protect the retailer. 


All sites that issue refunds and/or exchanges following these terms will receive a credit, at their next site visit, providing they return the defective products to FIFO for analysis. If the site is not visited regularly, the site manager may return the product to FIFO via standard Royal Mail delivery to receive a credit. 



iLead Mobile have the right to cancel all or any contracts or withhold delivery if:

i) the Buyer fails to pay any monies owing by the due date;

ii) the Buyer commits any breach of contract;

iii) the Buyer goes into liquidation or has a Receiver appointed or commits any act of insolvency; or

iv) ILead Mobile has any reason to doubt the credit worthiness of the Buyer.



iLead Mobile ltd reserves the right to charge statutory interest rate on overdue invoices.



You can place orders to re-stock your display stands via phone, email (using FIFO’s order form or by giving the details of your site and listing the SKUs and quantities required) or by sending FIFO a photograph of your display(s) to (giving the details of your site). We endeavour to have orders delivered via courier within 1-2 business days, providing that the order was placed before 2.30pm. Please check orders carefully – any discrepancies must be reported within 2 working days.



FIFO can be contacted for any issue relating to the sale of our goods using the details at the top of this page.

Updated 21st March 2024

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