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Gift Buying Guide for all budgets!

We all know that Christmas is right around the corner, and with it comes to the daunting task of buying gifts for everyone on our list. Never fear, though – this gift-buying guide will help steer you in the right direction! Whether you're looking for a unique gift for your children or something special for your in-laws, we've got you covered. So read on to find out about some of the best gifts out there this Christmas! We'll start with some essential items and finish up with our partnering friends of FIFO!

We have all felt the squeeze of the economic crisis in the past few months, so we'll start really low at £10 and under! Do not allow this low price mark to cloud your judgement, these items are of great quality and come with a Limited lifetime warranty that will elongate their use for ... well, a lifetime!

Let's ensure everyone is stocked up on the essentials, so there are no excuses for dead phone batteries! Starting with some home charges, because you can never have enough of those! Choose from double, triple or quadruple ports including USB-A and Type-C charging ports!

For all drivers out there, these cable management retractable car chargers are game-changers!

There are so many different types, but you can never find the one you need - whether it's 8-pin (iPhone), Micro USB (Android, Cameras) or Type-C USB (pretty much anything nowadays) we have it!

You can go for a gimmicky type of gift to hint at someone, but do so at your own risk! We have a selection of air fresheners for the car, the house or any room you need!

Let's take it to the next level and see what we have for £10 - £25! Everything is becoming wireless these days, so don't stay behind the trends, here are some wireless charging solutions for your home and vehicles!

And for music lovers, we have these beautiful wireless earbuds! Listen to music and answer phone calls - pick from 6 colours! You can also check out our selection of audio accessories for speakers and wired headphones!

Above are only a few of the huge range of mobile and audio accessories you can find in our FIFO online store!

To finish the guide we'd like to holler at our friends - Essencial Caps and Maxtoy!

Maxtoy offers a range of kids' suitcases! Collections future Hot Wheels, Justice League, as well as Unicorns, Princesses and emergency vehicles! All suitcases feature stair climber tri-wheel that allows kids of any age to pull the suitcases by themselves on any terrain. Marrying function and entertainment into one beautifully designed piece of equipment, Maxtoy has just landed in the UK and will light up any kid's face on Christmas morning!

Essencial caps and hats are a great fit for any Avengers fans, the officially licensed Marvel collection features The Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man!

They have a selection of licensed Disney caps too, featuring Mickey & Minnie, their friends and Disney Princesses.

It doesn't even end here! There is a brand new Universal Pictures collection that features Trolls, Minions and Jurassic World!

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